Our Story:

Over a few years ago, when our children were three and four years old, they were catching germs from schools, playdates, parks, etc. We were constantly looking for ways to help increase their immunity and keep our family healthy without using conventional medicine. In the process, we started trying age-old remedies for our family. These remedies have changed our lifestyle. We now incorporate many naturally existing ingredients such as honey and naturally existing herbs in a unique combination in our daily routine to increase our immunity, cleanse our body, boost energy, reduce anxiety, weight loss, and stay healthy. These remedies provide us with an alternative way from chemical based drinks. ANNOOR Wellness Remedies is a small and upcoming shop in Suwanee, Georgia, with deep roots in human care and culture.

Our Mission:

Our products are used by a wide range of people from children, adults, pregnant women, athletes, and older adults.

Annoor concentrates can be taken as a shot, added to hot or cold drinks. Our family has replaced the high fructose pancake syrup with Annoor Concentrates for natural sweetness and a kick. Annoor Concentrates are great for making a quick homemade salad dressing with only two ingredients —annoor concentrate and olive oil.

Annoor Concentrates do not include any added sugars or extracts. We use 100% raw wildflower honey for the local farmers in Georgia. We use 100% raw cold pressed ginger juice and 100% cold press lemon juice in our concentrates.

Our Company:

ANNOOR Wellness Remedies provides products and services to improve general health and wellbeing. Our products are based on age-old cultural remedies that have been transferred over generations and have been working since then. Our unique combination of concentrates and teas will help you and your family fight many common colds, improve our digestion, and relax you for a good night sleep.